Saturday, December 1, 2007

No problems

No problems with the wind last night. We only saw 15 to maybe 20 knots here. Very protected anchorage. We heard others around on the net talking about 30 to 35 and doing anchor watch all night. We moved over to the other side of our cove and are now protected from the forecasted north wind that is suppose to come on Sunday. We had a bunch of needed rain last night, but the sun is starting to come out as I write. The water is very clear and we can see colorful tropical fish down to about 20 ft. We plan on Snorkeling around today. We spent a great evening with some friends we had meet up in Alaska on Wandering Star. We just keep running into each other since then. It was good to catch up. They left to go north at sunrise. Tonight we are going over to Hiatus to work on a Magnum of wine they have saving. Us, Sans Clas, and Hiatus are all anchored in this little cove. Oh ya buy the way our electronic charts show us about 1/4 mile on shore right now. So much for charted navigation. Those who have radar overlay really see the difference. Anchor watch has taken on a new meaning, you can actually see your anchor on the bottom.
Life is good

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