Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jammin' Did Not Fall Off the Face of the Sea

It appears to our followers that we have cease to exist... well we have in a sense.  Dave is on the boat and Helen is back on land.  Our "cruising lifestyle" came to a screeching halt on March 1st when 3 health issues faced various family members in Oregon and Helen got voted off the boat to go back home.  Dave has been on the boat, entertained Helen's sister and brother-in-law for 10 days in St Thomas and St John, and has hiked, re varnished, attended Happy Hours, and read many books to fill the time.  Helen has helped out supporting the local family members, being grandma, substitute teaching, and cleaning closets storing goods from 1978 and beyond.  But we are returning to the life of a cruising couple if all goes as plan on April 26th with Helen's arrival to St Thomas---I believe in time for carnival!!!!!
Our plans are to cruise for May in the Virgins and then start the trip north.  We are currently signed up to do the Salty Dawg Rally from Virgin Gorda to the States and bring Jammin' back  to US soil after 7 years away.  Our boat has never been on the East Coast and we are looking forward to having some time there eventually.  Dave's mom has Vascular Parkinsons and the doctor has suggested Hospice care.  We might be in Oregon in June.

Our son Mike and his wife Julia are expecting a daughter around July18th in Texas, and we will be down there for the event and to give what help is wanted afterwards.  
So bottom line, don't give up on us, we are still cruisers at heart, we still have our boat, and the dream is still alive and floating out there with our name on it.  The good news is we should have time to download photos and info this summer from the past year and make our life more visual to y'all with better internet connections than we have had for the past 2 years.

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