Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ague Verde

WE made it to Agua Verde. This is as far north as we plan to go this year. It is getting cooler and the water temperature is actually too clod to snorkel. I went snorkeling today, and the fish were amazing. Probably the most variety I have seen yet this trip. We need to get a book so we can identify them. Bottom line though is I froze and only lasted 15 minutes in the water. We will leave tomorrow and start heading south back to La Paz. By next weekend we will be ready to cross to Mazatlan. This is all weather permitting of course. Wednesday and Thursday we are suppose to have another Northerner, but only 20 to 25 knts.

We are a little disappointed in Agua Verde. We have read so much about it's beauty and it is just not what we expected. We have seen much more pristine anchorages before this. The mountains in the background are actually green and rugged. The water is turquoise, but the water front area is very trashy and just not pretty. The pictures in the books make it look much nicer. So far Puerto el Gato is by far the most beautiful. We also scored 2 huge Lobsters from the local fisherman in Gato.
Life is good and now we are looking for warmer weather.

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Crew of the Solstice said...

Have you left the Sea of Cortez yet? If you hurry south, you may catch up with us. We're at the Las Hadas anchorage in Manzanillo. We've developed a fuel leak at the injection pump, so we're here until we can get that fixed. Hope it isn't too much longer now.

We miss you Oregon people, but Volcano is here in the anchorage with us. Check out our website and blog at