Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Isla Isabela Merry Christmas

We are currently anchored on the east side of Isla Isabela. Basically we are anchored in the open ocean protected by this small island. This is a first for us. No cove for any protection. The weather is calm and there is a slight swell coming around the island. The island itself is right out of Darwin and the Galapagos islands. Birds are everywhere there are marine iguanas and feral cats as well. We plan to go ashore this afternoon just in case the wind pops up tomorrow and we have to leave. Last night was amazing but we had to motor most of the way. When we get back to Mazatlan I will try to add some pictures.
Merry Christmas to all

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Crew of the Solstice said...

We loved Isla Isabela! We spent Thanksgiving there. Belated Merry Christmas from us from Zihuatanejo and Happy New Year from Hualtulco!