Thursday, December 6, 2007

We were able to move

Finally after 6 days we got to go to a new anchorage. We have had 25 to 30 knts of wind out of the south then two days later we had 30 to 35 out of the north. The northerly lasted 3 days. We had some shelter but not as good we had hoped. I had 200ft of chain out in 30 ft of water so I wasn't going anywhere, but the motion and the noise made for very little rest. We actually never left the boat. We heard stories of people waiting out 40 to 45 knts in less protected areas. The protected anchorages of the San Juans were sounding pretty good for awhile. We also heard Oregon got pounded by 125knt wind and tons of rain. We have no room to complain.
Now we have beautiful normal conditions. Calm mornings, afternoon breezes, and calm evenings. I think it is suppose to be about 78 today, but it was 63 this morning. We are anchored in Puerto el Gato. The hills around the bay have the color of the Grand Canyon. The colors at sunrise were amazing. Exploring the beach and surrounding area looks like fun. I think we will stay here one more night and move on to Aqua Verde.

Not much more from here, but we did order some lobster from a local fisherman. He is suppose to bring them around noon. This is our first attempt to buy or trade with a fisherman. Hope it works out. lobster sounds really good.

Life is good

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