Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Warm Winds and Calm Seas...

It is the afternoon of Christmas Eve and we are on our own journey to a small island south of Mazatlan, Isla Isabella, for Christmas Day. Our thoughts are on all of you and we really appreciate the cards and e-mails sent to us. It makes home feel closer, and times shared with all of you more vivid in our minds. Michael arrived on Saturday with our "land" mail (yes, Larry and Tina it found us) and we have had a chance to read all the cards and notes...thank you for the kind words and messages. Dave's blog is our way of staying in touch and letting you know where we are. E-mail is our "phone" as our last cell phone bill was almost $900.00 when we were getting set to leave the states in October!

At any time if you want to join us let us know and we will get the guest room empty and ready for you. Our only guests in waiting are Kelsey and Jeromy at this point. So here is our tentative travel plans:
In February we will be south of PV and visiting with our Canadian friends, Gary and Sandy.
Late spring through fall we will be in the Sea of Cortez
August: we will put the boat on the hard to "dry out".
August: Helen will hopefully go to Washington, D.C. to vist Kelsey and Jeromy (who moved there in November) and then return to Oregon for the month of September to substitute.
Late September: Dave will come to Oregon and from there we will drive the mini motorhome to Texas and visit Michael (who will be starting his third year of his PhD program at Texas A&M).
October the boat returns to the water and so do we...
Come November 2008 we will leave the sea and explore PV and below as we head to Panama and later through the canal.

We aren't sure where our anchor will set next Christmas but we know we will have learned more Spanish, be feeling 10+ pounds lighter and 100 pound richer in shared times with old and new friends. Life is good and we are lucky to be living it to the fullest right now.

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