Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Season 7, March 19, 2014
 Jammin is back in the chill and working on repairs.  We arrived Saturday to Norfolk and plugged in the heaters as the temps were in the 30's.  We then discovered we had an electrical problem.  Touching the boat we received a 115volt shock, it took 4 days to discover a bolt from the new stanchion had pinched a wire.

Yesterday we drove through snow coated land to get a mattress and the anchor repaired.  Today we wore out one of our heaters but we had a back up ready to plug in. The next cold/snow storm is predicted for mid next week...UUUGH   We still need the yard to put in the wind generator, the boat heating system, and then put us in the water for a rigging inspection.  We also need to pick up the repaired sails, put everything away, and celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary on March 30th.

All in all, LIFE IS GOOD.  We are cold but can wear layers, we can see water and smell salt air, and we are closer to being at sea than not