Monday, December 24, 2007

Leaving Mazatlan and Merry Christmas

I just figured out that I actually didn't let everyone know that we made it to Mazatlan. We spent 6 wonderful days exploring this great city. It had so much to offer that we look forward to our return in a week. Our plan right now is to go to Isla Islabela for 3 or 4 days. Hopefully it will be nice enough to enjoy some swimming and snorkeling. If not we will head down to San Blas for a Day or two. Mike and Laura arrived on Saturday so we spent Sunday exploring the whole town. Probabaly our favorite part of town is the historical district. The Merchado which is the town square is very old world. Our friends on Hiatus said it reminded them of Argentina, I thought it was just like Spain or Italy. At night it was all lit up and people just milled around. I know it was a tourist hang out, but it was still great.
It is Christmas eve and it is getting dark. Our expected arrival at Islabela is 6:00 tomorrow morning. What a wonderful way to spend Christmas eve. Open ocean and clear skies. Unfortunately it is not warm at the moment, but we hope for improvement.
Life is good

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