Sunday, December 16, 2007

Half way across to Mazatlan

We are halfway across to Mazatlan. We left at 3:45 this morning with hopes of calmer wind and waters. Well they have been a little of each. The sailing has been great 7 to 8 knts most of the way, but the seas have not dropped down much at all. They are running 6 to 10 ft right on our beam, no fun. The wind has been also on our beam at about 20 + the whole way. It should drop down here in just a bit but it could remain lumpy most of the night. It is great to be able to sail though. They say by tomorrow there will be no wind for 3 days. Just a motorboat trip.
Will write more when we get to Mazatlan.

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Fantom said...

Merry Christmas! What an adventure, does Santa make boat stops?
Love, Pam and Joe