Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Season 7 day one

November 6 2013
When we wake up we will set a course for the British Virgin Islands and arrive some 9 to 11 days later.  The weather report shows winds for most of the days and no tropical storms are currently forming.  We are at anchor in front of Fort Monroe, in sight of where the USS Monitor and the CSS Virgina fought a battle at sea.  Norfolk and Hampton have been our home for the  past week as we met fellow Salty Dawg participants and old cruising friends.  After a week of social events, seminars, and informational meetings we are ready to relax and enjoy the E ticket ride through the Gulf Stream.  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and we will be posting blogs on the 2013 Salty Dawg Fall Rally site.
What keeps us doing this?  Right now it is the promise of a second summer.  Warm nights, idyllic days, hiking, swimming, snorkeling and diving, 5 o'clock gatherings or6 o'clock red wine and chocolate, reading, napping in a hammock, just lim in' the time away...did I mention the work or the repairs, the hunting far and wide for parts and tools?   How fast we forget the downside of the cruising life!  Ohooooo, something just snapped up above and Dave is opening the tool box.  Guess we will need to snap back into reality a bit sooner than later. P.S. It is almost 5 o'clock 


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