Friday, May 15, 2009

Rincon Golfo Dulce

Rincon turned out to be a nice place just to sit. Two other boats were there. Batwing and Sarana shared the anchorage with me and we spent a couple of nights enjoying eash others company. There really isn't much there but a very small outdoor eatery and a small tienda. I went ashore with Batwing once to walk the road and try to find the veggie truck. It was a great walk but missed the truck so we went back to the boat. That evening I saw a large Croc swimming about 50 ft from the boat. This was the first one I have seen in open water and it made me think I'am not going into the water to clean my hull. Two days later he came out to the boat and caught something about 10ft in front of the boat. I saw him do a full body roll as he attacked what ever it was before he headed to the bottom. I stood up on deck thinking all sort of thoughts about what had happened when about 5 minutes later he surfaced about 20ft from the boat and swam to shore. He probably wouldn't attack a person, but there is no way I would go into the water around there. I decided to leave the next day for Golfito and the Land and Sea cruising club. The nice thing about the location of Rincon is that it is all the way up in the end of the bay. It is very calm, and most of the thunder, lightening, and wind went right by the anchorage because it is tucked into the hills. It was a good place to sit.