Saturday, December 15, 2007

I Better Bring our Blog Up to Date

We are currently in Muertos waiting for a weather window to cross over to Mazatlan. Currently it is blowing 25 to 30 knots and there are 8 to 10ft seas in the crossing. We have 20 to 25 knts of wind at anchorage with small rollers coming in all the time. Not much sleep last night. This seems to be the normal winter weather pattern. A few good days. Then the wind blows from the north for 3 or 4 days, and The cycle continues over and over. Since leaving Agua Verde about a week ago we were in transient staying short periods of time at Evuristo and then La Paz. We had a great happy hour with the 4 other boats in the cove at Evuristo. Boats we already knew but it was fun to catch with 2 of them we hadn't seen for a couple of weeks. We stayed 3 and 1/2 days in La Paz. We took care of our temporary import permit. Because of the location of the office it took half a day. That's ok we are cruisers! The best part of our visit to La Paz this time was finding a new restaurant called La Costa. This is a sand floor right on the beach palapa style location. They have the best food we have had on our trip so far. Out of the time we were there we went there 3 times. Once for lunch. Two of the three times we had Grilled Garlic Crusted Crab. We got three crabs with fixings for $7.50. The flavor was amazing.
In a couple of days we should be in Mazatlan waiting for Michael and Laura to arrive for 10 days. It will be great to see them. We are hoping to take them out to Isla Isabela, an island 85 miles south of Mazatlan and about 30 offshore. It is suppose to be wonderful snorkeling and hiking around.
It is time to find warmer weather and maybe a little less wind. We can tell the water is warmer. I caught 2 Mahi Mahi yesterday. One was the biggest fish I had seen on the trip. Unfortunately I lost both before I could get them in the boat. They were flying high out of the water and just twisted out of the hook. Oh well. We ended up catching 6 or more fish. Keep one for dinner and released the others. Life is still good just lumpy

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