Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 29, 2012
"Back in the saddle again"...the boat is in its cradle, waiting for us to saddle her up and put her on the water.
We had perfect timing for our return to Trinidad, there has been plenty of sunshine and dry weather for Dave to polish and sand the boat before applying the bottom paint.  Essential groceries are lining our salon, and we are waiting on our new cushions being finished (this is typical--ordered in May and not started till your arrival). Then there is the water maker membrane that is coming next Wednesday...the good news is all projects should be done by Wednesday and then we are heading north to properly provision the boat. We are planning on stopping in Bequia (rum), St Lucia (beef, and jazz at the park/bar on Sunday), Martinique (salami, cheese, bread, wine, snorkeling), St. Bart's(more wine), St Martin (ribs,cheese, and boat parts for what we didn't fix but will no doubt discover while underway), and settle in at Antigua to visit with friends for the holidays.  It will be a quick pace but then we will have 5 months to leisurely make it up stream to Georgia by June.