Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 18, 2012
The water calls and we both feel the tidal pull of life at sea.  Life on land has been so full and exciting for us this summer.  Our son's (Mike) wedding and receptions, our time with his wife, her family, and our friends was so special and touched our hearts in many different ways.  Then there was Disneyland with TWO granddaughters and endless joyful moments of watching our kids, with their kiddo, seeing the magic kingdom through young eyes.  PRICELESS!!!!
By noon today we will be on the black river of roadway that winds it way to the south and east. Vegas, here we come to visit friends on Sunday and Monday, and then on to College Station for trick or treating with Mike, Julia and Layla. It is our plan to be flying to Trinidad in mid November and splash in the water before December 1st.  We have a date to be in Antigua for Christmas and other than that we are fluid till June when we plan to be in Georgia---this loose leaf plan and blank pages of time waiting to be filled at the last moment with whatever life brings our way is why we love cruising.
So the next time we write we will be in Trinidad, working on getting the boat ready for another season of high times, low seas, warm nights, and fun filled days of meeting new people and seeing new places...
"Yo ho, yo ho, it's the pirates life for me"