Friday, November 30, 2007

Sitting out the storm

We are currently sitting in Evaristo bay waiting for a south storm to develop. All the weather guru's are looking for 30+ knots of wind to hit the entire inside of Baja. When we contacted one of them last night and told him where we were going he said are you crazy. He said he wouldn't be anchoring any where in the Sea Of Cortez for the next 2 days. Whopee!!! The great part is on Sunday the wind will shift to the north and blow 40 + knts. We are hoping this is a good place to sit. There are five boats total here, but four of them are in our group. I don't think we will get the weather they are predicting, and I think this is a good anchorage to sit in. I got up at 3:30 am to make sure I was the first one here though, and I was.

Our other boats are just now arriving so I need to go help. Even if we get a bunch of wind I have 7 to 1 scope and a huge anchor to back it up.
Life is still great even thought it is rainy and cooler.

Dave and Helen

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