Saturday, November 10, 2007

We made it to Cabo

Wow we made it to Cabo San Lucas. Coming in from the sea has no equal. Looking at the town you see all the tourist stuff that Cabo has to offer, but we sit out here at anchor in our own little world. We have been here for two days and tomorrow we are going to leave. I had enough after the first day and night.

Doing the Ha Ha was a great experience. I would have loved to visit a few more anchorages on the way, and stayed a couple of extra day here and there. Meeting the people and the daily nets were worth every effort we put into it. We ended up sailing about 780 miles in total to get here. Most of the time we were between 70 and 100 miles off shore. It turned out that is where the fish are. The last leg we stayed within 35 miles and caught nothing. Our winds ranged form 5 knots to 37 knots. We sailed with no motor for 117 hours and motorsailed for another 16. Our lowest speed was 2.5 knts and top observed speed was 11.7 knts. Our Seas were from about almost flat, 5 ft ocean swells, to about 12 ft swell and chop mixture. It was a great ride

We caught at least twenty YellowFin tuna, two Mahi Mahi, 8 Wahoo, 1 SkipJack tuna, and two Yellowtail. We hooked one fish so big it ripped off 200 yds of 250 test line before we could break it free. We never saw what it was. We only kept what we could only take care of and give away. We released alot of big fish. Most of the fish were caught on a hand line using 200 lb test mono with a feather lure. Best color was Mexican Flag, with black and purple coming up second

All those behind us you will have a blast, we reduced sail at night and just had a great ride. Most of the time it was blowing too hard for our spinnaker, but great when we could.

Lastly the temperature is in the nineties during the day and a low of 75 at night. The humidity is about 60%. All the local people we have meet have been friendly and very helpful.

So far it is all we had hoped for.

Next to La Paz

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Fantom said...

It's fun to follow your trip! Keep us up to date with posts. Love, Pam and Joe/