Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Los Muertos

We are about 55 miles from La Paz and 120 from Cabo. Los Frailes was fantastic. It was hard to leave. It was a typical Mexican beach. Some really nice homes that were empty because they couldn't get title to the land, and about 30 fish camps right below them. There were a number of camping places onshore and from what we understand they have about 50 to 75 campers there come the end of the month. The Bread and donut truck comes by on Wednesday and the veggy and meat truck comes by on Friday. The fisherman will bring ice from La Paz when people need it. We caught a nice tuna and a big wahoo on the way up from Cabo. Spent three very enjoyable night there and now we are in Los Muertos.

We understand that some weather might be moving in tonight and tomorrow so I think we will be here till Friday. It was a very uneventful 47 mile to get here. We did sail the whole way but no fish and not much other traffic. There happens to be a Giggling Marlin here on shore so we are going to meet some friend for a drink later!!!
Thinking of you all.
It is a little cooler today about 80, but it is a welcome cool down
Mike we are glad you are home safe and sound.


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danew said...

Glad to hear the fishing is still good!! Great spending time with you guys on the HA HA! Will send you a message to get the e-mail to send the picture from Squid Roe. Will keep cheking your blog...