Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Out of La Paz

After spending a week in La Paz it was time to get out of there. Between being sick and lousy weather we didn't really get much done. I(Dave) think after listening to the cruisers net each morning I had the flu that was going around. I like that better than it was something I ate. We had a great Thanksgiving with a potluck that included 200+ cruisers with turkey and all the trimmings. The turkeys were provided by a local cruising club and everyone brought a side dish. I wasn't feeling very good but had a great time overall.

La Paz is a great town for cruisers. It has everything you could ever want and more. They have a market that is similar Pikes Market in Seattle. We have enjoyed shopping for fish, meat, and vegetables. They also have food counters inside that have great food and prices. You do have to have an open mind both when you shop and eat at these places. By their standards they are very clean, someone fresh from the states might think differently. Oh what fun! Just before leaving we went to the big super market called CCC. This store has everything you could find in the states, and all the local foods as well. There really is no need to over provision. Prices are a little high if your buying the brands you are used to, but local substitutes are very reasonable. La Paz has a cruisers net work that is on channel 22 VHF. This is on every morning except Sunday. On Sunday we are treated to story telling but Gunter on vessel Princes. Gunter's stories are comical in nature and last about an hour. He has to be one of the best voices for story telling I have ever heard. At 7:30 each day the is all the news you really don't need to know and then some. At 8:00 the net starts first with any medical or other emergency needs, mechanical needs, Weather, Bay watch, dollar value, general questions for help about anything, lastly swaps and trades. Every morning there is something going on to listen to.

We are now out at Isla Partida, a small island about 20 miles outside of La Paz. We are anchored out with about 5 other boats we know. Each boat takes turns having cocktail social hour on their boat, but this usually turns into a snack type dinner. Our social life has definitely improved since doing the Ha Ha. The good side is both Helen and I are moving towards our best state of health in many years. We spend the day hiking, swimming and just enjoying the local surroundings. Our view is the like the Red Rock scenery of Arizona, but you are surrounded by water. Sunrises and sunsets to die for, and pelicans to entertain you. Life is good!

Will write more in a couple of days.

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