Monday, May 20, 2013

Third Day.

Still almost perfect sailing. I guess I never realized that Jammin could sail so long at near hull speed. Very seldom during the day do we see speeds below 7.3 knts. I had gotten so used to 5.5 I thought that was normal. Our winds have mostly been out of the east at 15 to 18 knots. We have been on a broad reach since we left. In a couple of days the winds will turn more south, southwest. Not sure how well she will do more down wind. We have been fishing most of the time and no luck yet. Something bit my lure off yesterday but nothing on the line yet. We haven't heard of anyone catching a fish going north so I don't feel alone. We had a freighter cross one mile in front of us last night, and one other sailboat heading east. Those are the only boats we have seen. The freighter caught us off guard a bit. We didn't see him till he was a couple of miles away. I think mom is on her sixth book and I have finished 2. Not really much else to do but read, sleep, eat, and be on watch. Just found another boat on AIS miss us by 2 plus miles. Getting good sleep is still a problem. I am sure we will figure it out soon.

Life is good

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