Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day two

So far it has been wonderful sailing all the way. We have logged 333 miles in 48 hrs. If we keep this up we will arrive at the Gulf Stream by Saturday the 25th. This is not good. There is a cold front with north wind coming in on either Friday or Saturday. This would make it very rough crossing the stream. We have never done it before but have heard it is not a good thing in any kind of a Northerner. So we have decided to slow down. I shorten sail this morning to about 50% jib and full main. We are still making over 7 knots most of the time. If the weather forecast doesn't change we will try to slow down some more so we can arrive on Monday or Tuesday which we hope are better days. Jammin is doing great the conditions are near perfect. The ride is good and we are still trying to figure out sleep patterns so can get enough. Life is good. Sailing fast but sailing safe

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