Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday May 5th Cinco De Mayo

Sunday, May 5th in Virgin Gorda Happy Cinco De Mayo

It's 3 PM and I am almost done with my book. Today we completed many small projects and readied the boat for its LONG voyage back to the states. Jammin' is taking part in the Salty Dawg Rally to the East Coast. We leave here on May 15th--weather permitting.
We are all sitting on mooring balls, doing last minutes preparations that stop before 4 so we can join together and enjoy the 2 Happy Hours (4-6) offerings the $3.00 pain killers/rum punch/Carib beers. After working below in the heat and humidity those drinks are ever so much sweeter and refreshing.
I have been back on the boat just a week now, having returned from 2 months in Oregon helping to take care of family members. I was also able to get a 5 day trip down to Texas to see Mike, Julia, Layla, and Little Stevie through the wonders of ultra sound. She will be arriving around July 18th so Dave and I will be in Texas for this event. In between time we will be in Oregon and hopefully visiting friends in Washington as well.
Dave spent the two months I was gone twirling around St John and St Thomas. He hiked over 130 miles and managed to befriend some new boats. One day a man and a woman stopped by and said they were from the Portland area many years ago...well after many exchanges of bits and pieces the main piece fell into place. The woman had gone to OSU, had been in my sorority, had even been my roommate, and Dave remembered her name, Roberta Wilson! We had a chance to catch up when I returned, and we will see them next season down here in the Carib.
The Virgins have their own special magic and one cannot get too serious about doing too much--it must be the gently sway of the boat that causes us to pick the smallest jobs and feel accomplished after completing just one a day. I am getting back my tan and catching up on my sleep.
This time before leaving will be filled with gatherings, parties, and conversation. Once we leave it is about 10-14 days at sea with just the two of us for entertainment and relief of duties. We will have our radio and Ham radio email, but if something BIG happens where you are please let us know!!! We will not have internet or telephone service...or newspapers, or tv, or...any of those conveniences that one might take for granted. But if you are looking for a Salty sailor and his first mate, we'll be poster material by the time we hit the Chesapeake 1300 miles later!!!!

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SV Wind Raven said...

Looking forward to seeing you on your trip back to Oregon. Melanie is expecting in July, her 2nd and our number 7 grandchild.

Pat and Michael said...

It would be fun to see you guy's. The Ecos crew is in Medford untill Aug then heading back to Bocas Del Toro.

S/V Jammin said...

Pat and Michael if you have an old e-mail address for us send us a short e-mail. We sent out an email awhile back and it was bounced back to Us. We would love to cross paths again