Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Taking a detour towards Bermuda

Our rhumb line to Chesapeake just took a sharp turn to the right. Jammin' is use to taking side trip when traveling--usually to eat or see new sites. This detour however is due to weather reports forecasting gale/storm conditions from Thursday through Saturday (where we would be if we stuck to our rhumb). So to avoid having our sails eaten, and being blown to sites we don't want to see, we will hang out below 32 North and East of 70 West with a few other boats.
Today we hit slower speeds and softer winds. Our average speed up to this point has been 7--this boat is use to doing 5. It has been a consistent slant to the port that requires one hand holding onto something when moving about, the up and down motion is predictable, its that occasional slap of a wave on the starboard that sends your feet skidding. I finished my 9th book this morning and Dave is still fishing. We are 0 to 1, zero fish and the fish scored one lure. Perhaps on our detour we will find a fish or two that want to come aboard for dinner...LIG (Life is Good)

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