Saturday, December 29, 2012

St Pierre and Happy New year

Happy New year from Antigua and hopefully many more. We are in Antigua with Miclo and are going to stay put. The weather goes down on Tuesday with a 3plus meter North swell covering the whole area. This is as good a place as any to sit.

We saw Joan on Panchita's song in Compass well done. Good Job

So we anchored in St Pierre a couple of days ago. Mainly so we could have a wonderful lunch up at Depaz Rummery. We talked to the tourist lady who spoke no English. I guess they don't expect English speaking tourists. Anyway she said we should be able to get a cab up to Depaz for 2eros each. Went down to the cab stand and the guy wanted 10 eurs. You know me so we hiked all the way up there in the heat of the day dreaming of beer, rum, and a great lunch. We were smart enough to bring water. Took us only 45min to walk up hill to what was going to be this great lunch. When we got there we checked into the little gift shop and asked about lunch she said oh ya they are open. The girl behind her no today they are closed only this day!!!! We couldn't believe our luck so we walked around the facility and went back to taste a few rums and a Ti punch, no beer. We bought a bottle of their second from the best, best costing $60 US, a bottle of the next one down, a couple of bottles of a orange flavor rum, 6 Ti Punch glasses and two stirring sticks. Even the best Martinique rum is an acquired taste. I still prefer the sweetness of Zacapa, or Flora de Cana. Now looking for a lunch and a beer we hiked down the 4 kilometers back to the center of town for a good local lunch, using a whole new set of muscles

Hope all is well and have a wonderful 1st

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Lea Scotia said...

Happy New Year Jamminians! Ah, memories of good old Flora de Cana... Great to read of your continued adventures!
SV Lea Scotia