Friday, December 7, 2012

December 7, 2012  Time transitions: Land Time vs. Island Time vs Cruiser Time
  We clearly spent too long on land because Dave and I are having a very difficult time transitioning back into the cruising time mental state. 
Our upholstery man called across the fence on Tuesday (Dec. 4th) that he was done and would be over before dark to give us the back cushions that were to be done by Nov. 18th--to his credit we did get on Friday (Nov. 30th) the bottom cushions!  Success! So we cancelled dinner plan and waited, woke up on Wednesday and waited all day doing small boat jobs, waited on Thursday and called him but no one answered, called on Friday morning but no answer as well...then he called back at 2 PM and said there is a small problem with his pattern and the cutting of the fabric and perhaps we could enlighten him on the different height of the cushions--our answer was, " We will walk over and be there in 5 minutes with the old cushions to show you the height of both cushions." GEEZ!  We are way too uptight about things being done when they are promised and way too gullible to believe that when they said it is done they mean DONE to be true cruisers.  In island language "done" means just started on your project, "on my way means" I might be there in 2-4 days, and tomorrow morning means he will be working on it tomorrow morning if you are lucky--and if he is working on it you should run to the lottery ticket booth and buy a ticket because you are one lucky SOB!
We have been peeing in a plastic jug for 12 days now waiting on our cushions that we paid for in May to be done by November...and it is December 7th!!!!!
So land time is a watch, the calendar, one's ability to read and calculate time, and access to the internet.
Island time, it happens when it happens & t'ings get in the way that can't be helped, so go with the flow, man.
Cruisers time is, "It's Friday, man are you sure about that? We've been thinking it was Tuesday.  The date? Why would we know that?  We're waiting for a weather window to leave and t'ing look good for next Monday but if today is Friday we better get going to be ready to go by Monday, hey, you want to go have a beer?...
Well, we are looking forward to leaving life on the hard in Trinidad, and getting on the water, sailing to Antigua--a 3 day/night sail that will take 7 days with all the stops for food, cheese, wine, rest and other goodies.  BUT, we have to wait for the prepaid top cushions being held by our Trinidad upholstery man!%#@. 
P.S.  They are also being made not with the blue fabric we chose, but the green fabric that he ordered thinking we were a different boat--we are yet to settle that issue, the price difference, and still get out of Trinidad before Christmas!  Spiritual Serenity, a concept we are working towards and is definitely a work in progress for both of us.

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Crew of the Solstice said...

If you didn't have to pee in a bucket because you're on the hard, I'm sure your spiritual serenity would arrive sooner.
Safe passages!