Friday, December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012 Martinique

We have arrived to our first French island, shopped, stored provisions, and are now anchored in a secluded cove on Martinique. Life is very good! Early this week we were in St. Lucia, listening to jazz, shopping for beef, and relaxing after our trip from Trinidad. Then we crossed over to Martinique and shopped for cheese, wine, salami, baguettes, and chocolates! We also found internet and called Michael for his birthday.
This cove is where we will spend Christmas this year. So far four other boats have joined us here. The church in town has a bell that chimes the hour, the pier is well built and the boardwalk is quite new. A small grocery store carries fresh fruit, veggies and a few other items, and there is a small movie theater. On the beach there are about 5 eateries in the sand, and a spot for snorkeling. Out where we are anchored you can just jump off the boat and you are in a snorkeler's paradise. Dave dove into the water and came up with a 7 inch by 9 inch oblong sand dollar, a first for us.
Our plans are to stay in Martinique till December 27th and then make a long run up to Antigua to join our friend on Miclo III for a New Year's celebration. During January we will be sailing around that area and in February moving up to the US and British Virgin Islands--great beaches and Dave will get to use his Senior Golden Pass for anchorages. He is very proud to be 62!
That's about it for now, except it appears the world is still here, the Mayan calendar worries are gone, and we hope all your Christmases are joyful and you find time to appreciate the love ones you have nearby. Steak has just arrived off the BBQ so more later...

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