Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13, Thursday
Sink or Float
We are being lifted off the hard and putting the boat in the water in one hour.  We hope to float and then motor to around the corner and get some much needed sleep.  So officially we are starting on a Thursday for a long run up islands as a Friday start is bad luck. 
Six months the boat has sat dry and she is itching to feel the pull of tides and the massaging waves around her belly as much as we are.  So we will write more around Christmas when we get a good internet connections.

P.S.  Viva la France!  Last night was a birthday party for a local man who has a boat next to ours and we partied with 7 French couples, one Brit, one Alaskan couple, and a woman from Senagal and Hong Kong.  Food was great, rum punch strong, and we emptied five 3 litre boxes of wine or more.  Stories were swapped, songs were sang, instruments brought out of storage, and after true midnight we made our way to bed. Our social life is full out here with never a dull moment!

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