Friday, April 8, 2011

When was the last update?

So, we may have appeared to have dropped off the grid for awhile. Not having internet to tell us when we last updated the blog, we are a bit sketchy on the last time we checked in---a common life hazard in the cruising world. We do know it is April, and that it is pass April 10 as our daughter and granddaughter arrived that day and they have taken over the front room, while a friend of the family has taken over the back room and we have been jaunting around for days and some nights with them...and we know it is not TAX DAY, because we are still waiting for info to give to our accountant to complete her work. So happy almost middle of April to you all!!!!
So, where have we been?
Did we tell you we left Ponce and went to Isla el Caja de Muertos and finally made it back into the water? I think we did but we both fell sick the next three days and stayed in a comatose state while staring at a beautiful beach, watching the ripples of the wind over emerald green and aquamarine blue water,and chugging away on gatorade.
Gathering strength we took a dinghy ride around the other side of the island and found a snorkeling site. While there we met a local dive boat couple and had a great visit with Lynn and David from Caribbean Image Tours. They work out of Ponce and give their customers great trips on and in the water. From there we went to Salinas, a sleepy little anchorage where time has stopped for many cruisers. Our first day there we met Marianne from Tradewinds sail and canvas who clued us into all the great spots for wifi, food, hardware, and fresh bread. It was a comfortable and cosy town. We should know, we stayed almost a week so we could be part of the Thursday night burgers at Drake's and Friday night BBQ at the marina. We didn't make it into the water but we did sew, and snapped, and tied things closed as we baby proofed the boat for the arrival of our first grandchild on board. In the evenings we met cruisers who have spent years in this part of the Caribbean and picked their memories on experiences and places for work on the boat as well as places to "lime" when work is not a priority--Granada is a favorite stop they all agreed.
Isla Santiago was a overnight stop, dropping anchor just before sunset. This island is a natural habitat for research monkeys, hundreds or thousands we aren't sure. But at sunset a number of monkeys were swimming, jumping from trees into the water, or just running up and down bent palm trees before night stopped their monkeying around antics.
We then sailed to Culebra and spent a few days dinghy around the island and anchoring off the beautiful beaches. We found a few nice bars, a great sandwich shop for Cubano sandwhiches, and walked ourselves back into shape. We met Beth and Art Bauer on Adagio and ate at a restaurant where you order at the kitchen door, bring your own liquid refreshment, wait for your name to be called so you can return to the kitchen and get your dinner. Food was great and the company superb!
The next morning we sailed to Fajardo, tied to a dock, and washed clothes.
Now ready we rented a car, shopped for provisions to feed 5 people for 16 days, and ran down parts to fix the boat, of course. Then we unpacked the car, shoved every corner of the boat with stuff we didn't need to make room for the stuff we did need to be handy and available. I should have drawn a map or listed all the NEW places we discovered for stuff so when we regroup and have a need for something we might find it again in less than 3 days of saying, "So where else might it have fitted and ended up?" Perhaps when we finally sell the boat we will be able to find all those missing parts we currently know as "they're on the boat somewhere, aren't they?"...

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