Thursday, April 14, 2011

St. Thomas and beyond

Now that the gang (Kelsey, Kiele, Russell, and Mel) was all aboard again we took off to repeat some of the earlier spots, and see some new territory. We only had 5 we went around to the North side of St. Thomas and found Magens Bay and Beach...the water toys came out and we soak in the rays, salt and slurped down the rums. The next morning we walked the beach and took gorgeous photos. Back to the boat and across to Jost Van Dyke. There Kiele met Foxy and his son while the rest of us met the bartender. As the sun set we ate dinner on the boat and one tired girl went to bed while the others put on their dancing shoes and went to shore for some more dancing and fun. Oma and Opa heard the music on board--just the right amount of volume for us. The next morning we were off for Culebra and a storm followed us in. Once in Culebra we checked back into the states, and had a Dinghy Dock beer hour. Dinner was once more on the boat and we turned on the music--thanks to Russell boat's gift of an Ipod player with great speakers. Kiele was not feeling good--her ears have been on and off again infected--so we left Culebra and went to Fajardo and the clinic. There was presure behind her ear drums and drops were ordered. A final dinner out for fish and fun was in order. After that we returned to the boat and everyone dug around for clothes, shoes, chargers, gifts, etc. and packed bags fuller than ever before. Tuesday arrived and we took everyone off to the airport. We made our goodbyes and headed off to Home Depot for the final supply run of the season. Knowing we are headed back to the land of hot and humid we bought a small air conditioner for our time in Trinidad, bought supplies we would have bought back in the states and lugged down here next fall, and took long showers at the marina. Life is good, we are still loving our lifestyle, and the people we meet are so much fun and full of the adventurous spirit that make cruisers cruisers.

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Crew of the Solstice said...

We're still in Antigua at least through Wednesday. Then on to St. Martin for a short stop. We've told our friends on St. John that we'll get there by the end of the month because they're headed to the States in early May. We definitely need to stay in touch with you now because it sounds like our tracks will be crossing soon.