Friday, April 8, 2011

Kelsey's Visit

March 27th we picked up Kelsey, Kiele, and Russell(who has been a friend when ever we have needed help moving, packing, or anything else). March 28 we drove around Old San Juan, saw the fort, the city, and the walled sea front that greeted the pirates and the invading forces over the past 400 years. What a beautiful place it is. We will attached pictures when we get internet again.
We set the sails and crossed over from Puerto Rico to Culebra on the northwest side to see the luminescence--there were a dozen or more that night over a 15 minute period.
The following day we bit the bullet and took off for Jost Van Dyke. Kiele did great, she is use to no balance as she tries to stand and walk before her first birthday. Kelsey and Russell did fine considering it was rough and rolly. It was our 37th wedding anniversary and as we dropped anchor, Helen fed the fish 3 days worth of food. Needless to say, Dave, Kiele, Kelsey, and Russell went to the world famous Foxy's and had a grand night celebrating while Helen huddled under her sheet and had a few belts of gatorade once again. The next day Helen went to shore looking for yogurt, ginger ale and a glimpse of Foxy. After that we went to Sandy Bay, a gorgeous beach with great shells, wonderful beach sand, and picturesque water lapping its shore in every shade of green imaginable. From there the boat and crew headed east to Tortola and we ran into Zoo Keeper, Jenny and Malcolm from Australia. A few beers later we were caught up and exchanging info on where to go next. We had heard about the bubbly pool on the east side of the island and we took off for it. Finding a small niche, designed for one boat we dropped anchor and launched the dinghy. A short walk past Foxy's Tabu and the poisonous trees, we were the third group waiting for a turn in the jauccuzi like natural pool. It was worth the wait and twice that day we found ourselves enjoying the waters around this bay. The next morning came and went, and we just chilled at this anchorage for another night. Another sunrise, another short jaunt, another great little beach and then we anchored at Soper's Hole. There we found a restaurant, ate bar food, and left them $100.00 richer and us looking for grocery stores. Soper's Hole also had a Pusser Rum Bar, which we enjoyed, and some shops for souvenirs, and a grocery store for YOGURT, finally. Needing to be in St Thomas, we left Soper's, over-nighted at Round Bay on the east side of St. John's, and found a short reef to swim on. April 5th we went to Cruz Bay on St. John and checked back into the US. There we found some shops, found a grocery store, and better food for a better price. Before sunset we crossed over to St. Thomas and stayed at Christmas Cove on a buoy--which we now remember is NOT a quiet night for the crew--that whopped and wacked the side of the boat all through the night! April 6th we headed west to Brewer's Bay and dropped anchor off the runway of the airport--preparing to pick up Melissa Bennett from Washington,DC (WHO HAD DECIDED ON A LATE NIGHT WHIM TO JOIN US AS WELL--we can be pretty persuasive). Before sunset we realized Limburgh Bay would be better so we moved. A 10 minute walk and we were at the airport for Mel. She packed light and she survived a dinghy ride through the night surf from the beach to our boat.
An here we are, all caught up. Oma and Opa are babysitting while Kelsey, Mel, and Russell enjoy a bit of fun in St. Thomas while Dave waits for the phone call to pick them up. We can hear the music from the boat and hope they have become enough of a cruiser to realize midnight is 9 and the wee hours are from 10 to 11 PM. It is now 10:37 and Dave has been yawning since they left...

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Crew of the Solstice said...

Sounds like fun--except for Helen being sick. We're in Antigua until the 20th or so for sail repair. Then we're headed to St. Martin, and from there to the Virgins, British, U.S., and Spanish. Hope to catch you somewhere along the way. Stay in touch!
-Shirlee on Solstice