Friday, May 23, 2008

My birthday in San Juanico

We spent the day just exploring the beach and snorkeling. There were fish and small lobster everywhere. Non were big enough to be taken, but it was a great site to snorkel. The weather was hot and the water was warm what a great day to have a birthday. A couple of friends on neighbor boats invited us over for birthday dinner on their boat. We spent the evening on Brandywine from Loreto, having seafood stew, scallop ceviche, fresh sourdough bread, and Guacamole. Helen made a Key Lime pie for my cake. The stew had Lobster, Triggerfish, scallops, Chocolate clams, Conch, other fish with vegetables. All freshly harvested. What a great meal!!! We had Pina Coladas and wine to re hydrate us. The boat Winsome gave me some of her sourdough starter for a treat, which was great since I had just killed mine the week before. What a great birthday!
The next day the weather forecast was for high wind to enter our area and that is exactly what happened. By night time it was blowing 25 to 30 almost all night long. The next morning it was pretty steady over 35 and 40 with at least one gust of 47. The way this bay is shaped we should have gotten some protection from the wind, but for some reason it didn't work that way. There is no fetch so there were no big waves in the bay so the seas were comfortable. We have had winds of 20 to 25 for the last couple of days and here we sit still waiting for the wind to stop. Today is actually calmed down a lot so by tomorrow we might move to the north side of the bay and explore that area.

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