Friday, May 23, 2008

Honeymoon Cove and Bollandra

Helen took off on May 8th to go and see Mike and Kelsey. I took off from Puerto Escondido the next day Only spent 2 days in Honeymoon Cove It has great protection from the north but not much from the west or south west. Wind was expected to pick up from that direction so I moved on. While I was in Honeymoon I saw a panga diving for scallops and heard later he scored big time so that was my plan once I got to Bollandra. It was only a 12 mile trip up to Bollandra, and it was a great place to wait for Helen's return. The winds were picking up a bit so there were a few more boats that I expected. I was able to anchor in 12 ft of crystal clear water in the north part of the anchorage. It is a bay protected on all sides from wind and just a very small western entrance so it should be a great place to sit. The first night I had a few mosquitoes so I closed all the screens and called it good. The next day I went snorkeling and scored on some scallops I only keep about 10 and it made a great meal once I figured out how to shuck them. No problems the oyster knife worked great. I was starting to get bees around and had about 100 sucking on my wet towel after my freshwater shower. I learned a lesson, don't leave any fresh water outside in the dessert when there are bees around. Once it was dark the bees left and I was enjoying an evening on deck with a glass of wine when here comes the mosquitoes again. Down below I went. I must have killed 20 mosquitoes that night. The boat itself seem to be hatching them. Bad night. The next day myself and people from two other boats went for a hike across the island. It was about 4 miles and it was truly a desolate island. The only living thing we encountered was bees and now Bo Bo's ( A small non bitting nat that loves the corner of you eyes and mouth. Again the moisture thing)It was a great hike, but I think even I might be seeing a pattern here. When I got back to the boat the bees and nats were everywhere. I enclosed the cockpit with our bug screens but spent the rest of the day inside a bee hive looking out. That night The mosquitoes were back. I can take a hint. I am out of here. I decided to try Isla Coranados just 7 miles away and a short distance form Loreto where Helen was coming in in 2 days. Gotta take care of these bugs before Helen gets home. Helen would not be impressed.

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