Friday, May 23, 2008

Isla Coronados

On my way to Isla Coronados I sailed and fished all the way around the island to scope out all the anchorages. It is a beautiful volcanic island with rocky reefs all the way around. I chose a northern anchorage because of southern winds were expected, but checked out the other anchorage by dingy just in case I get chased out by wind. There was a long white sand beach at the head of the bay with two palapas on the beach that were there to be used. Pangas would bring people out from Loreto to enjoy the white sand beach and crystal clear turquoise water. I was again anchored in 15ft of water. I could see my anchor bury itself in the sand. I tried to go out and bottom fish off the point but no real luck. A lot of bites but nothing stayed on. I ended up visiting some friend in another anchorage for the evening. Helen was coming the next day so back to the boat to straighten up and put all the stuff I had left out away. The next day I went and anchored off Loreto itself. There is no protection from anything there. You just anchor right off the beach and dingy into the beach. The weather was expected to be good all day and it was. I did my re provisioning and Helen arrived about 3:00. We had a great lunch and headed back to the boat and back out to Isla Coronados. We stayed there two more days enjoying the beach and warm water and then out of no where bees started to arrive looking for water. I was a little more prepared this time with the screens so it wasn't as bad a Bollandra, but we decided to leave the next day before the word got out that we were there. Our next anchorage was a small protected point called Punta Mangles. Here again was a small deserted resort that had never been finished. The location was incredible but I guess the remote location and construction problems were just too much. I will post some pictures when I can. We enjoyed exploring sea caves and snorkeling in water that was starting to get warm. I went out fishing that evening and caught a nice Triggerfish. Finally fish for dinner. That night it was rolly for about 4 hrs so the next day after exploring the beach we took off. The wind was expected to pick up from the south for the next couple of days so we headed to Caleta San Juanico, just 7 miles north. When we arrived the wind had picked up so we anchored in the south end of the bay in 22 ft of water right of the beach.

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