Friday, April 27, 2012

March 26, 2012 Bunnies on Jammin

March 26- April 6, 2012  Bunnies on Jammin’

Thanks are in order to our daughter , Kelsey, who brought her daughter, Kiele(alias Kiwi), down to visit our boat for the past three weeks.  Having an almost two year old on the boat has aided our “get in shape” plan.  We also had a doctor- to -be on board for a week.  Lacey was a joy, and such a easy guest, but best of all for Dave was he had a dive partner and was able to get two dives in while she was here.    Dave has clearly been outnumbered with 4 females on board, but Captain status has kept a balance in many decisions. 
After picking the girls up from the airport, we took them to Barnacles for Happy Hour and food.  The next morning was the bakery with a dock for French pastries and a walk around town.  With the girls we circled St Martin, took in the Grand Case Tuesday night carnival like street party celebration, went to St Bart’s for hamburgers and to walk on Shell Beach.  Then we hopped over and visited the shops and bars of Philipburg. We ended Lacey’s vacation in Phillipsburg, Sint Maarten with farewell drinks and good bye hugs.
Kelsey and Kiwi stayed on and we went  around the island again spending time in Tinntemarre and then Marigot on the French side of the island.  While Kelsey worked we played with Kiwi who loved water.  So we dumped water with a small cup from a tub back into the ocean.  Then she learned to swish clothes in soap bubbles, squeeze water out, and  helped grandma hang clothes to dry.  She also enjoyed reading with grandpa, painting with water colors, and playing hide and seek.  Her version is to cover her head with something and then call out, “Kiwi, Kiwi, Kiwi” each time a bit louder till she pops out and laughs when you say, “There she is”.  One night when the stars were just up Kiele pointed to a bright orb and said, “Kiwi’s star”.  Dave then asked her , “Where’s momma star?”  Kiwi pointed to Pleiades, “Right there.”  So Dave asked, “Where is Opa’s star?“ and she pointed to another group.  When asked where Oma star was she replied, “Not yet”.  We were amazed because she had never studied the night sky with any of us and we didn’t know she even knew what stars were.  Every clear night after this she pointed to all the right places for each of our stars.
Then as Easter approached a decision had to be made.  Should we spend Easter  in St. Bart’s or Anguilla?  In Anguilla there are beaches and there is a Sunday  jamming session that Colin, from 12 Meters, highly recommends and is world famous.  So far there are three votes for Anguilla and one for St. Bart’s…

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