Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tucked Away in St. Bart's

While tucked safely away from the steep waves and high winds on the seas, we are enjoying daytime adventures and boat reunions here in St Barth's.
During the days we have walked ALL the beaches, hiked the mountainous path between two towns, eaten conch and mahi mahi at a beachtown bistro, eaten hamburgers at Le Select (alias Cheeseburgers in Paradise), eaten at a waterfront resort restaurant while surfers caught some amazing curls, collected small shells on Shell Beach, taken 4 wheelers and driven all the roads on this small island-- with stops at bars for liquid re-hydration, snorkeled with a turtle and soaked in the sea, read 7 more books, and watched for 10 days a life size pair of Ken and Barbie doll tourists turn their bodies from pale white to a full 360 degree tan. While we saw and experienced this great island they spent their day always standing on the end of the beach for 6-8 hours getting a full body tan. It was incredible how long they stood facing the water and posing so sun touched every part of their bodies. We have never seen such dedication and waste of time all in the same action. Really people, get a life and buy a tanning bed if it is that important to be all around tan! You paid to come here and missed the daytime life here on St Bart's.

Now, on to the night time social life...We arrived with a buddy boat, Windfall (owned by a Swedish couple that we had met in Antigua), and then hosted a reunion on our boat with Mystic Moon who had arrived a few hours after us. What fun to share new friends with old sailing buddies! The following night we were Mystic Moon's guest for wahoo, lobster bisque...Cathy outdid herself once again! I think Don Julio was involved with wine, tequila,and rum as well. Our next celebration was on Windfall. Lena treated us to a great dinner and after dinner Per performed on an acoustic cello, his first after a four month break--he has been playing since the age of 10. With the help of an amplifier, his music filled the anchorage and gave the stars a proper compliment. The pieces were moving but the look on Per's face was the best gift. The next boat event was an afternoon/evening of exchanging info. Mystic Moon told Windfall and us about ports and things north of here, and then we all shared with MM things to do south of here. After the exchange we had popcorn and a movie on Mystic Moon, followed by cake and red wine. The movie was August Rush, what a great film that was to watch! Having come full circle we had a parting ways dinner on our boat--Jammin' Pizza night. Goodbye are never easy, but we are sure we will catch up with Mystic Moon in late April, and Per and Lena we may meet in Sweden or on the East coast before that.
We were anchored in a spot that holds 20 or so boats, so we were surprise when we found ourselves being hailed by another boating couple we know. John and Gilly, from Destiny and the BajaHaHa 2007, were here visiting on Petite Profligate. They dropped anchor, checked out their neighbors and when they saw who their neighbor was, they hollered up a big "Hello." We have not seen them since 2008 when we all were still in Mexico. So, just last night we spent the evening with them and their friend Susan, catching up and swapping stories that helped to make us who we are. This afternoon when we said goodbye to John, Gilly, and Susan I decided we cruisers really need to coin the proper parting term, and it is not "Goodbye." Because, chances are very good that we will run into each other again, if not in this sea perhaps another...So the proper parting term may be "Until our rudders again brush the same waters, here is a hug to hold close to your hearts." That would pretty much sum it all up don't you think?
Well, we will be off to St Martin, maybe tomorrow or maybe we will stay out here on this little island beside St Bart's for a few more days and see who the wind may blow in that we know...it's certainly is a cruiser's life for now.

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