Sunday, February 15, 2009

We made it to Acapulco

Our arrival to Acapulco was at 5 this morning the city looked like a cluster of sparkling jewels covering the hillside. We are currently anchored in a bay just outside of Acapulco. The bay is beautiful with palapas and palms along the beach, but the city itself is very hotel commercial and not very interesting to us. We will spend two days here recuperating from the overnight passage then head south to Puerto Angel. Before our overnight sail we spent one night in Papanoa and left at 9pm to make the 13hr trip. We were able to sail all but about 3 hrs towards daylight when the winds died. It was a great downwind sail. For some reason neither Helen or I could sleep all the way down so we have spent the whole day just kicking back and trying to catch up on sleep. There are 3 other boats all on the same time frame for leaving here and heading south. We look forward to the company since we are usually alone on our overnight passages.

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