Sunday, February 22, 2009

Good Morning. It is Sunday

It's Sunday at least that is what we think. We had Lea Scotia (Trevor, 39, Carissa ?, and Kiera, almost 3)who we will be traveling to Central America with over last night. One of our discussions was how we never know what day it is. If it wasn't for the computer we would never know. The only day that is different is Friday because there is no weather by Don Anderson on the SSB radio. We are anchored in La India a beautiful little bay surrounded by rocks and reefs on 3 1/2 sides. Our anchor sits in 20 ft of crystal clear water. It is part of a National Park so taking care of the reefs are serious business. We went snorkeling three times yesterday on the third time I set all my snorkel gear on the back step and sometime later it got knocked off into the water and floated away. All my good gear was gone. I got up at daylight and kayaked around the bay and the outer bay with no luck. I have some back up equipment but it is all old stuff. Oh well. Life is still good. We just heard on the SSB weather that it is blowing 60+ knots out in the Tehuantepec today and tomorrow, and 45+ all the way down to Costa Rica. I guess we are glad we are sitting here. The winds come over from the Caribbean side and funnel through to this side. Nasty stuff when it does. It is so shallow the seas build to 15-18ft on a 5 to 6 second period. Even ships have problems. It can extend out 700 miles from the gulf. You don't take chances with the Tehuantepec. By the way the Tehuantepec is where we are headed after a few days in Huatulco.

Two days ago we were anchored behind Isla Cacaluta. This is also part of the parks system but more open to the seas so we just stayed two nights. The surrounding shores are very rugged and rocky. Not something you would expect to see in Southern Mexico. Reminds me of Southern Oregon Coast. Every where we go seems to be magnificent snorkeling in clear water with tons of fish and coral. There always seems to be something new to see.

We plan on staying here till tomorrow or the next day and then move to the marina till we get a weather window. We need fuel, propane, provisions and to check out of the country. Then when the weather opens for a 3-5 day period we will then be off the El Salvador.

Hope everyone is doing well

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Crew of the Solstice said...

Enrique at Marina Huatulco is the best for judging Tuhuantepec weather windows. If he says you can go straight across when the time comes, I'd take his word for it. Please tell him hello for us. I don't know if you're planning to stop in Guatemala. In case you missed our blog at the time, we don't recommend it.
Sorry about your snorkel gear. You can replace it in Huatulco. Have a great time!