Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sitting Back in La Paz

We are currently sitting at anchor in La Paz in the La Costa virtual anchorage. We had no idea we were in a virtual anchorage until the Harbor Master of this non sectioned off piece of open water came and told us so. To anchor in his virtual anchorage was going to cost us $5 a day unless we wanted to move literally 50ft then we would be outside their anchorage area. Actually when the tide goes out the boat is officially not in the anchorage, but the anchor is. Being too lazy to move, and we do get great showers and a locked dingy dock we choose to stay put. When I asked the Harbor Master what were the boundaries of the virtual anchorage all he said was just a little over there, behind us of course. Everything is just a suggestion here in Mexico.
It is amazing how the weather changes since coming across. It is still just as hot and the sun beats down hard, but there is no humidity. You would think that is a good thing, but I can't seem to keep enough fluids in me, my nose is plugged up from it and my throat is so dry it hurts. I remember this happening when I used to go play over in eastern Oregon during the summer. Oh ya and my lips got chapped in one day without chapstick. I'm the one who is suppose to like the heat so I better shut up.

We had a good crossing but had to cut it short and went to Muertos instead of straight to La Paz. On our second day at sea everyone forecasted 25 to 30 for the whole day and at 3:00 am it started. When we got to Muertos it was blowing 20 + so we sat for the day. Rick and Don said it was going to settle down and max would be 10 to 15 the next day. Next morning it was a little gusty to start and I kept waiting for it to calm down. Oh ya did I mention we took off to go north. Well we rounded the point and headed into Cerralvo Channel and hit 25knts on the nose with 6 to 8 ft swells left over from the day's blow before, and side bashing from cross swells. Helen left her seat and landed in the cockpit floor before going down below for better traction. It was suppose to mellow out so we continued. We ended up beating our selves up the whole day to make it to La Paz. It finally calmed down when we turned the corner to make the run to La Paz. A couple of the boats, who also took Don's advice and were out there with us, said it was the largest swell they have ever seen in the sea that either could remember. Go figure.

We will be here one or two days more to reprovision and then head north. This will be our last large city till we hit Santa Rosalia in a month or so. Loreto is a good size city but where we anchor is 12 miles south of the town and a $45 taxi to get to town. WE are looking forward to visiting the many isolated anchorages along the way. Chances of internet are very slim so sailmail us when you get a chance.

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