Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It is getting hot

We are on a bouy here in Puerto Escondido. Last night when we tried to go to bed it was 85 in the cabin at 11pm and 80 outside. At 9 am it was 82 in the cabin and 78 outside. The high has been right around 90 most days so the heat is on. The location is amazing. We are nestled below the Giganta Mts and they are breath taking. The bay is almost land locked with the entrance only being 10 ft deep and about 100ft wide. We are paying $84 a week to tie to a mooring bouy, and that is a pretty good deal. The problem is there are no extra facilities. It is 15 miles to the town of Loreto and a $70 round trip taxi ride. They will take you to town and let you off, and then come back to pick you up when ever you want. They also take you to the store and any other errands you need for the same price. Today we spent 7 hrs seeing Loreto and shopping, and the driver was always there to meet us when we needed him. There is a taxi mafia so there are no options on transportation. A number of years ago a local person took some cruisers to town and was arrested for having started her on taxi company. This was a one shot deal, but she actually saw the inside of a jail before everyone came to her rescue. I understand that it is not as big of an issue now. Tomorrow the Loreto Fest starts. It sounds like a lot of activities, but we really have no idea what it is about. There are a lot of boats we know here so it will be fun catching up with those people. Some we haven't seen in 6 months.

Before we came here we were in Bahia Candeleros. This was a very open bay not protected from most winds. The only resident occupant was an Eco Resort on one end. We had a great time exploring the beach, and when we got back to the boat we snorkeled for Chocolate Clams. The water is now 75 degrees so it is comfortable. Chocolate clams are brown both on the outside and the inside as well. We didn't get too many, but what we got were great. We only spent one night there, being anchored in 10 ft of water makes me a little uncomfortable but we had a great time.

On our trip up from La Paz we anchored in Ensenada Grande on Isla Partida. This was a new place for us. We choose the wrong anchorage out of the 3 available and spent the whole night bobbing in the wind and waves. There were two other anchorages in the same bay that would have been much better.

The next night we spent anchored in Isla San Francisco. This is a small volcanic island, and we were anchored right in the bowl of the volcano. I wished we would have done more exploring of the island, but I cleaned our whole bottom instead. Next time we will explore more.

The next couple of nights we anchored in Evaristo and Agua Verde. We have been to both places before, and it was nice to be back. At that point we were on a fast pace to get to Loreto for the Fest.

Hope all is well for everyone and we are looking forward to cinco de Mayo in Mexico.

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