Saturday, September 6, 2014

Crossed Fingers and High Hopes

Monday we board the plane to Boston, MA and by Tuesday we will be back on Jammin getting ready for another trip afloat.  We will head north to eat Maine lobsters and see the rugged coast as we dodge and weave through the pots and traps.  Then come October we will find the one week of good weather (they say that is how it works most years) and head to Bermuda.  After relaxing and waiting out the hurricane end of season storms there we will sail south to the Virgin Islands for the holidays.
Our summer was more work than play blended with quality grand parent time in Oregon and Texas.  Our daughter, Kelsey, moved to Beaverton, Or and Dave built a barn bed for Kiwi, our grand daughter.  Then it was off to Katy, Texas where our son, Mike, moved and visiting with the other two grand daughters (Layla and Stevie) and daughter-in-law, Julia.
We will be better about blogs this coming season.  Last season we had our share of trial and tribulations and never really had a sailing season to share.  Adrift and windless best describes last winter's season.  This season with fingers crossed and high hopes drifting over us we look forward to more adventures, reunions with old friends, and making new friends in foreign places.

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