Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013
Sint Maarten (Dutch side)

Chilling at Barnacles
We are at a French bakery (on the Dutch side of the island) eating delights and interneting for free.  It is almost 9 AM here.
Kent and Heather Sisk had a great time here, on Anguilla, and on St Bart's.  We ate, we hiked, we swapped stories, and tipped backed some beers and rum drinks. We even made it to Sunset Beach Bar where you can reach up and be blown over by landing jets.  But they did come to sail, too and we had a great sail back from St Bart's to St Martin--we even saw Stars and Stripes out sailing. 
There was a full moon party on the shore that we could watch from the boat...but it quit early.  A bit of rain felled and today it is overcast,windy, and gray. Sirens are heard all day and all night and we are ready to find a corner of an island road free, siren free, and no where to spend money--palm trees and clear water would be nice, too.
Another storm is coming on Wednesday with waves and wind so we will hide out back in a niche on St Bart's called Colombier.  Last week we were there and snorkeled right off the back of the boat.  Dave is finding small projects to work on and I am reading/tanning so I don't interrupt his work or answer his rhetorical questions.

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