Sunday, January 8, 2012

St Lucia

Sunday, January 8, 2012 St. Lucia

It is high noon, 85 degrees, and the World Arc race has just blown the starting horn. Boats from all over the world have gather here to start their around the world sailing adventure. Next stop is the San Blas Islands, then through the canal and out to sea heading west to the Marquises and Australia. High winds and seas are predicted for the next 4 days so they should have a rough but fast time to their destination.

We were not on the starting line, nor tempted to head out with them. Our water maker is out of commission, our auto pilot has a small problem, our macerator needs an impeller, and we have not seen enough of the Caribbean yet. Our boat is at anchor in front of The Sandals resort, there are 4 other resorts nearby, and wind surfer, parasaliors, and kayaks dart between us and the shore. Our friends on Panchita, Ted and Joan, are in the marina, and we are waiting for parts to be delivered. Dave is nursing a cold, and I am limin’ with free internet.

St Lucia is a mountainous island with many activities and a limited bus system. We are hoping to take a taxi tour with Ted and Joan on Wednesday to see the island and get a glimpse of what it offers. The anchor will stay down here for 3 weeks or so to allow us time to solve our problems, work on projects, and mingle with the locals and feel what life on St. Lucia is like. Life is neither dull nor boring these days.

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Crew of the Solstice said...

Hi Helen and Dave,
Happy New Year! Sounds like you're anchored about where we were last March. I hope you're monitoring Channel 68. There's a cruising women's luncheon every Wednesday. It should be starting soon if it isn't already going. Marsha on Crusader organizes it. You might also see Terry and Evelyn on Aquarelle. Rodney Bay is a very nice place to be waiting for parts and repairs. Glad to see another post from you.