Monday, March 7, 2011

Lost a Day, Gained an Hour

March 6, Lost a day,gained an hour
After 5 straight days of non stop sailing, we arrived in Puerto Rico. Traveling non stop makes you loose time as well as sleep. During these long trips we each take a watch of 4-5 hours, sleep or work and then follow it with a 7 hour watch. The idea is to get 6+ hours of sleep, but due to boat issues over the pass two days we didn't get those long stretches. Sleep deprivation can do some strange things. When we turned on the computer this morning we learned it was SUNDAY! Not a good day for clearing into a country--overtime charges can be a killer. When we called in at 2 to clear customs, they said we needed to meet with an official and he would arrive between 5 and 6. Having not slept, we were looking forward to our pillows and a bed...but what can you do? We stayed up and waited till 4:30 to go to shore only to be told the local time was actually 5:30 OOPS! Luckily the official was running late. He arrived 20 minutes later, gave us the name of three local restaurants that will feed us real Puerto Rican dishes, and recommendations on two other beaches to visit on the south side.
It is Carnival week here and we missed the parade today, but we will hopefully get glimpses of the fete tomorrow and Tuesday as they wind down for Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Currently we are anchored in front of three dueling night spots with the ever famous walls of speakers. Since 9 PM they have tempered down the volume so we can only hear 2 opposing systems. Off to bed now to clear the head and get back in touch with the benefits of sleep.

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Crew of the Solstice said...

We've finally left Grenada. Currently in St Vincent & the Grenadines. Moody Blues says to tell you hello. We had dinner with them last night on a mutual friends boat. Where are you headed from PR? We'll be going as far as PR before we turn west for the Gulf. We still hope to see you along the way.
Shirlee and John

nelsoncw said...

Dave Helen,
It would be great if you could send some of your adventures and technical issues to the Catalina Discussion Forium. At:

Nelson Willis "Peter Cooper" 1999 Catalina 42
PS: I met you durring the Baja Ha Ha. I crewed on Dolphino with my friend Rick.

nelsoncw said...
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