Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Out of Costa Rica

Helen arrived back on the boat on May 22. It took only 4 days to get provisioned and checked out of Costa Rica. Golfito was a great place to wait for Helen and I made the most of it. Land and Sea became my second home for about 2 weeks. It gave me a place to get internet and just hang out with fellow cruisers. While I was there I went with the people from Batwing and Sarana to the boarder of Panama to do some duty free shopping. It was a lot of fun and very interesting place. We were able to walk freely across the border, but our first crossing was by sneaking between two buildings through a 2ft gap called the tunnel. We later found out you can just walk over the border with no questions asked. The border reminded me of Tijuana only with US type junk being sold at very good prices. I am sure most name brands are counterfeit, but there were some bargains to be found. The duty free area in Golfito actually had better prices on liqueur and that was the main reason for going. I loaded up on Nicaraguan rum and was ready to head for Panama. I enjoyed Costa Rica but I am very glad to be moving on. Our last stop in Costa Rica was at a small surfing area called Pavones. Knowing that it was a surfing place, actually it is the home to the longest left breaking wave in the world, we should have known that it would be a very uncomfortable anchorage. It was, and not being surfers we did not appreciate the surroundings. As soon as it was daylight we were out of there. Next stop will be a very long day to Isla Parida in Panama.

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