Thursday, January 15, 2009

Caleta de Campos

What a great find! We had actually thought about passing this small anchorage by because the cruising guides are not all that kind about the bay. They say it is rolly and exposed. Exposed it is, but the large swells that come through the bay are a gentle rock unlike Maruata. We ended up spending 4 day anchored in the bay that reminded us of Chacala, but better. The beach has about 6 palapa restaurants, but the rest of beach is incredibly beautiful. The line of palm trees and the rock cliff background makes it feel like the South Pacific. The beach lies at the bottom of a hill and the small town is above overlooking the bay. It is a very friendly Mexican town with very few gringos. We actually saw only two older hitch hiker type gringos the whole time we were in town. We had asked a young guy if there was a good place to get street tacos in town when we were on the beach. He told us up the hill about a 30 minute walk. We started up the hill and and hadn't gotten 5 minutes when the young guy shows up in his pickup truck and says he will take us. The ride reminded me of the wild toads ride at Disney Land, but in no time we were in front of his favorite taco restaurant. It was Sunday so the whole town was out walking about in their best Sunday clothes and sun umbrellas. It's quite a sight, plus the Taco's were excellent as well. We picked up some fruits and vegetables at the small market then browsed a couple of other stores on the way back to the beach. The next day we with Pamela and I.V. from Precious Metal came ashore for lunch. Great shrimp and fish lunch right on the sand with our boats a hundred or less yards in front of us. Helen and Pamela went to the little tienda across the street asking for dish soap. He said he didn't have it but come back in a little bit. He then drove up to town to get the dish soap from another location and brought it back. Talk about friendly people and great service. We loved our four days exploring the area. I have to say when we went snorkeling in the next bay I couldn't believe the lack of fish. There were small coral heads everywhere so the bay was healthy, but there just were no fish. I didn't spend a bunch of time looking but was very disappointed at what I found.
We left Caleta at 3am to make the trip to Isla Ixtapa and arrived at 4pm. We were able to motor sail most of the way so it was a nice trip. There is only one other boat currently anchored here with us. I know it gets hopping with tourist in a short time but right now it is beautiful. Five palapas line the beach and snorkeling is just a short swim away. We look forward to a couple of days here before moving on to Zihuatanejo. Since starting to write this three more boats have arrived. One boat we have been running into(from Californa last fall)is named Pageantry and from Las Vegas, we are yet to meet..but the afternoon seems promising for that...the life of a cruiser...wait and see what happens.

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Crew of the Solstice said...

The banana boats and jet skis really churn up that anchorage, but I thought it was kid of fun. Good memories. Keep blogging. I'm a faithful fan.