Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Isla Pasavera

We have updated our blog http://www.svjammin.blogspot.com you might want to check it out. We need internet to add pictures, but Kelsey uploaded a bunch from her trip with us. There are some other pictures of our summer as well. The address at on the top of the last posting of the blog.

We are currently anchored off of Isla Pasavera in Chamala Bay. Our anchor is in 11 feet of water at low tide, that means we have 3.5ft under our keel. The bottom is sand and level for our full circle of swing so the depth is not an issue, but it is something we have to get used to before we get to the Carib.
I will try to take a picture of our anchorage along with the three other boats who we traveled here with so you might understand the beauty and isolation of this place. We went snorkeling right from the boat yesterday and had an amazing time. Visibility is about 25 ft and the amount of life was incredible. Large fish everywhere, and small aquarium type fish in large schools. I found an octopus out feeding, and 4 eels. On spotted snake type and three green morays. There are at least four different colors and types of living coral along with countless colorful anemones and sea pen looking creatures. Once we got back on board we both agreed we need to find a underwater camera. Today we are off to explore more underwater locations and see what we can find. Maybe a lobster or a couple of fine fat fish for dinner. Oh ya I forgot the water is also 82 degress to match the air temp!

Our plan is to head to Tenacatita in a couple of days

Life is great

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Crew of the Solstice said...

Wow, the Caribbean is going to be jamming with you and Hiatus and San Cles there. Sounds great! We have friends (Greg and Kathy) on a Cabo Rico 42 heading south from the east coast. Maybe you'll see them. The boat is Indigo. If so, please tell them hello for us. We met them in Key West, and they're really good people.