Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Barra De Navidad

If Disney would make a Mexican City Barra would be it. It is clean with small narrow streets , and friendly English speaking people. We are anchored in the Barra Lagoon, a large and very shallow body of water that is surrounded by a resort on the south side and Barra on the north. We are anchored in 11 ft of water with 120 ft of chain out. Every boat has the same amount out, and boats drag every time the wind gets above 25knts. The bottom is really bad holding with gooey mud about 2 ft thick. Bruce and CQR's seem to have the most problem. The town does make up for the pain it is to get into the anchorage. There are taco stands and tourist shops on every corner. Unlike PV and Mazatlan the prices are more like what we had hoped for in Mexico. The daily temperature has been in the high 80's every day; our tans are getting great. The French Baker makes his rounds every morning using a panga to deliver his goods. True French pastries and french bread are the way to start the morning.
Today we had to say goodbye to Hiatus and Moody Blues. They are both heading south and we are going north. It was a little hard as we have been cruising with Hiatus since the end of September. We look forward to meeting up again, but it might a year till we see both again. It has been great having been able to cruise such a long time with special friends. The memories will last a life time. Go dingy surfing!!!! Thanks to you all.

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Crew of the Solstice said...

North? You're going north? I say to you what people tell us when they hear we're going east: "You know you're going the wrong way, don't you?" There's nothing wrong with that. What are your plans?
-Shirlee and John