Friday, February 22, 2008

Las Hadas to Santiago Bay

After spending a week in Las Hadas it is time to move on. We are currently anchored in Santiago Bay a beautiful anchorage protected from most of the spring time weather. Las Hadas was great but I am really glad to be out of there. When we first arrived in Las Hadas it reminded me of being anchored in the Med off of any number of Spanish or French waterfront towns. The white stucco sided resorts covered the hill sides of the local bay, No buildings were of the same design or texture giving an almost unreal dimension to the landscape.
We had a great time meeting new boaters and having a cocktail party on an 85ft cruiser. The party included 14 boaters who we had never meet, we had a great party. That was quite an experience being on such a big boat. There is no way I could handle all that space. Well maybe! It had a great shop and engine room, that I could handle. I am sure that our paths will cross again. Ed and Sharon on North Star were perfect hosts
Las Hadas is a great place to reprovision. Wall Mart and two other large stores are an easy bus ride away. It is amazing how a trip to the grocery store turns into a full day event. Catching a bus, a short trip to town, doing our shopping, riding the bus back to our marina, and stowing our new food away all before cocktail hour. The amazing thing is it really is an all day event. Helen wants me to add that the shopping spree doesn't really start till sometime around noon or one, but it takes all morning to get ready, see who wants to go to town, and then actually taking off. Oh the life of a cruiser.

We have only moved about 5 miles, but we are currently listening to The Beach Boys and thinking of future travels. I will write more about Santiago Bay once we have enjoyed all it has to offer. Cheers the sunset is upon us. We also enjoyed a fantastic Lunar Eclipse party on our boat a couple of night ago.

Life is great and my leg is healing slowly but nicely.

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