Friday, January 11, 2008

Chacala chickens, palapas and civilization

We just pulled into a idyllic beach community. Palm trees are swaying, surf is softly kissing the shore, and the sounds of roosters and chickens rises above it all. There are palm roofed palapas within swimming distance and the promise of a $5.00 dinner made in the home of a local tonight; the meal choices are enchiladas or chilli rellanos. We may stay here for more than one day...the photos will be posed later and I hope you can see how peaceful it appears. Over the roosters I can now here music from the shore--if it is a club we may be hearing the music until 3-5 AM as it is Friday night and they party that late on weekends...oh well, even paradise has its downside. It is finally warm and sunny. We had fog till mid afternoon the last few days and cool temperatures. The no-see-um bites are itching now, 3 days later, but ammonia helps a lot with the itch. I don't think we will be going back to San Blas!!! As we were leafing we were treted towhales leaping out of he water only a short distance awy

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Allan Hardman said...

Hello and welcome to Chacala! Or, you may be gone now. Hope you enjoyed your stay in "our" village. I am here for 4 months, so I claim it as my own.

Come back soon!

Where next I wonder?

Allan Hardman